Teresa (@teeteeheehee) is an illustrator and embroidery artist based in Singapore. She graduated with a first class honours from Lasalle College of the Arts majoring in Fashion Textile Design and has been working on everything and anything embroidery and textiles ever since. She is known for having a contemporary and thoughtful approach to embroidery and has had her work showcased in various countries and in publications both local and internationally.

Teresa has also had her intricate embroidery works commissioned by big names like Gucci, Changi Airport, Swarovski to name a few. She is mostly inspired by people and things around her, books and music are her daily companions as well. She is also a trained classical violinist who has studied and known music for almost all her life. To her, music and art work closely hand in hand with each supplementing the other in a creative loop. 

Occasionally, she sells handmade accessories on her etsy page here.